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NEW ALBUM: Omne Respueret


SpiRiTuS Explodes On The Scene In Europe And The US

With the highly anticipated release of their new album "Omne Respueret," SpiRiTuS begins to make waves and generate momentum toward stardom in this highly charged guitar-driven new  album songs like "Fused Wrist" will remind you it's OK to be different while "Swim" and "Mind Charger" remind us all that there are always things worth fighting and living for. "Limit" comes straight from Greek Mythology and the story of Icarus eluding that reaching for the sky is what dreams are made of and while reaching we never want to come down. "Wasted" on the other hand speaks of the dangers of reaching dreams and then losing touch with reality and the self-destructive behavior that comes with it. SpiRiTuS is well on their way to becoming the best rock bands.

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